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Financially Stressed Employees are Costing you $

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High turnover, poor performance and high absenteeism, can be the result of employees struggling with difficult financial situations.  We provide neuroscience-based education that changes employee mindset around finances and empowers them to change their situations and make their lives better.  We are the right choice for companies that value employees and invest in their success. We have administered this program to over 5,000 past mentee’s and have trackable results.

 Participants Say:

“I am learning that budgeting is essential to getting out of debt. It may be a challenge now, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am also learning ways to save money on insurance and have security.” — Lorraine S.

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We take your employees "from surviving to thriving"

We put the "HUMAN" back in Human Resources!

Our human mentored programs make life-changing financial changes that no app can ever deliver! An app has not had a lifetime experience or the solution to overcome the problem.


We have developed a proprietary neuroscience learning program with a professionally mentored financial program using an accountability system to help your employees achieve personal financial wellness. Our programs are delivered in an engaging interactive mentoring session that creates a positive financial lifestyle. 

Our effect is equal parts psychological and cognitive because we provide tools and live assigned mentors. Our mentees begin to experience control and the confidence to use the new skills they have learned in their daily financial decisions. 

We are the solution to a $500 billion a year in lost revenue caused by *53% of the workforce working on personal finances while on the clock.                  *SHRM 2020 studies


 SIMPLE MONEY CHOICES increases financial knowledge skills for your employees on their own time,  increases companies' financials, and saves anywhere from $100,000's to millions of dollars in lost revenue depending on the company size, and the high cost of employee turnover. Our goal is to eliminate requests for payday loans which is a "quick fix" and easy to become dependant upon. If your HR department is currently working with a company promoting " payday" advances it's time to ask if that company is really helping by making the employee dependant on a monthly money bailout?

  • Debt reduction GPS plan created exclusively for you, and to pay off a mortgage in about 10 years unless you want to keep paying your lender about 50% in mortgage interest a year?

  • A personalized mentored step by step plan based on your personal debt

  • 24/7 Access to our membership portal 

    • ​Keep track of your financial goals

    • Evaluate your financial situation

    • 3 credit bureau reporting for improved credit

    • Journal and track your results

    • Ask your mentor questions

  • Our program is offered to anyone in the household that manages the finances, which may not be the employee!


We take your employees "from surviving to thriving!"

Our trackable results give the mentee the skillset and confidence needed to use the financial skills acquired in our mentorship program. We do not rely on apps which 99% of the other " financial literacy" programs offer.  Think about it, when an employee is opening an app at work how easy is it to get distracted and check other personal social media or emails while they are on their phones? And the apps they are opening are generic. Our mentoring program works for ALL ages/generations! We have mentored ages 14-82.


Click the button below to see how the average mortgage can have an interest rate of up to 86% for the first 10 years! 

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