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Let's face it. Every company has its fair share of employee turnover. It seems as if no matter what companies do, they can't stop losing their employees for other places with higher pay. SHRM finds that only 15% of employees are confident in managing their finances.


Simple Money Choices™ is here to help.


We offer the best solution for employee turnover due to finances as well as lost company revenue caused by an employee working on personal finances while at work.


Our programs are all neuro science-based for retention, mentored, and delivered in an engaging, interactive mentoring session that creates a positive financial lifestyle.

Employers are looking for ways to retain and recruit employees, and new recruits are looking at the entire compensation plan.



Simple Money Choices™ offers an award-winning Neuro Science based Financial Literacy  program with an assigned mentor to assist and support the mentee through the entire 6 week program  with a built-in accountability tracker and a GPS system for paying off debt and saving thousands in interest.


Current studies and research show that to be effective new habits need to be consistently used for a consecutive 30 days. 

Our program is cost-effective, a solution for employee retention and recruitment, as well as a high ROI. With our help, our users save on average $7,000-60,000 per employee! 



Simple Money Choices™ offers two types of mentoring programs: a life level matched group collobrative where members can share thier past and current financial stories and then our  1 on 1 Executive mentorship programs for a more complex financial mentoring for the higher earners..


Our group pledge that what is discussed stays within the group and “no sales pitch” model will put you at ease while enjoying your new financial journey.


Simple Money Choices™ is the only company that requires mentors to be qualified as either “Certified Financial Planners® or Certified from the NFEC Financial Literacy Program for Financial Professional Educators. You won't see any “40-hour certified coaches” here!



Simple Money Choices™ Program is based on the former Womens Money Program that mentored over 5,000 families over 8 years. Simple Money Choices was founded by the former CEO of Women's Money and a tax & estate attorney, with  a Certified Consumer Credit  Specialist for credit reporting details who worked together during the 2007 financial meltdown and saw a need for financial literacy at all income levels.


With over 12 years of experience working together and over 200,000 hours of live conferences and mentoring programs, beggining with  Generation Z to Traditionalists  our team has consumer financial literacy down to a science for every 5 distinct groups.


Simple Money Choices™ mentorship program has a 92% graduation rate and our customer-service-oriented team is excited and ready to support you every step of the way.

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